1: The Twenty Year Death(ARC) – Ariel S. Winter: the novel written as three crime novels over a twenty year period, each written in the style of a major author of the period the novel is set. Comes August 7th from Hard Case Crime. In 1931, a French police inspector gets caught up in an investigation of a man knifed to death in the streets of a small town. He’s identified as a man sentenced to life in the prison on the outskirts of the town. His daughter, married to a much older man, an American author working on his new book, lives in the town. The second tale has a private eye in 1941 Southern California hired to babysit the French actress of a film studio’s latest project. She’s worried about a strange man following her and her alcoholic husband, a down and out writer living off her film earnings, is no help. When a starlet on the picture is brutally murdered, there may be more to her story than believed. The third book is set in 1951 and the author takes center stage. Drunk and broke, his French wife in a private sanitarium, he’s in Maryland for the reading of his first ex-wife’s will. His estranged son is on hand, his current girl friend, and a mobster are there as well.

This was a good one.

2: Sentinel(ARC) – Matthew Dunn: the second book to feature MI5 agent Will Cochrane. He’s sent in to find an undercover CIA agent that got out a cryptic message, “He has betrayed us and wants to go to war,” and hasn’t been heard from since. Cochrane infiltrates a sub base on high alert to find the man in his quarters dying, stabbed several times. His last words are “Only Sentinel can sop him!” Working on this one now.

3: Dancing Bear – James Crumley: the second in the Milo Milodragovitch PI series.

and the ebook:

4:Omega Blue(review copy) – Mel Odom; a future not to far off, and maybe what’s coming. A bankrupt country. Slade Wilson heads a team for the FBI that takes on the tough crimes in this bleak future world. He’a after organ jackals that harvest expensive, to the prospective buyers, orgnas by whatever means available. Working on this one as well.