1: Live By Night(ARC) – Dennis Lehane: novel set back in the 1920s. Bootlegging, underworld betrayal, police corruption, family dynamics, and a protagonist named Joe Coughlin. Due for release on October 2nd.

2: The Last Dragonslayer(ARC) – Jasper Fforde: first book in a new young adult series wioth a sixteen year old girl named Jennifer Strange running Shazam, an employment agency for magicians in a world where magic had slowly faded. The author’s Tuesday Next series is a personal favorite and this book has that same, slightly bent take on fantasy. October 2nd release date.

and the ebook:

3: We Are The Hanged Man(review copy) – Douglas Lindsay: a well known British cop gets stuck with an assignment on a reality show, Britain’s Got Justice, just as someone starts sending him tarot cards of The Hanged Man, each one more grotesque. The fourth one he finds on the pillow in his apartment. Also, a serial killer gets out of priosn after thirty years and resumes his activities. The two spill over into each other. Is that deliberate. Reading this one now. Just out.