DCI Robert Jericho is handed an assignment he loathes: working on a reality show. Britain’s Got Justice. Not as a consultant, but a participant, a leader of the young people trying to win the prize. As usual on such, they are all young and beautiful with no more thought in their heads than winning the popular vote. They cry on cue for one thing.

Jericho had once been a top notch policeman that worked more than his share of unusual cases. Got a lot of press. Then ten years before, his wife had disappeared without trace and the life had gone out of him. He’d transferred away from London to a small village, intent on retiring there away from the limelight.

His boss didn’t like him, which was why he’d gotten the assignment. She knew he’d hate it.

He was uncooperative. This was television. Despite the title of the show, they didn’t want real police work. To dull. They wanted car chases, hard interrogations, guns drawn at the slightest excuse.

At the same time, Jericho began receiving tarot cards through the mail. All of the hanged man, each one more grotesque than the first. He took it as someone’s sick idea of a joke until one was found on the pillow in his apartment bedroom. The cards were kept between him and his assistant.

Also, a serial killer he’d helped put away thirty years before is quietly released from prison and resumed his killing activities. They spill over into the reality show when the man takes one of the contestants.

Was that an accident? Jericho didn’t know about the serial killer’s release. We do though as we watch him do his thing.

Is it tied in with the tarot cards? That we aren’t sure of.

Jericho gets more and more in trouble as the TV show producer uses his influence to circumvent regular police procedure, taking him from his regular beat, all in the name of ratings of course, as he tries to figure what’s going on and how it all involves him. It doesn’t make the cops on the areas he intrudes happy, believing it’s him wanting that return to glory of the old days.

A pretty good combo police/thriller/serial killer/ mystery here that surprised me at the end.