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With VOODOO, we’re really talking forgotten books here. It was Deaver’s second published novel in 1988. It, along with his first novel, ALWAYS A THIEF, Deaver doesn’t even list with his other works on his web site. Not sure why. It’s not a bad book, though it treads on territory not normally associated with him. It’s a horror novel plain and simple and a rather bloody one at that.

Tourist Eleanor Bowers survives a brush with evil in Martinique when the cop shoots the big man assaulting her. She forgot it as she returned home to New York.

But she carried a savage and ancient power back with her.

The first body turned up in a bathroom, a young woman savaged with strange markings carved into her body. The second was found on a subway landing, gutted, castrated, and the police found an old bum cowering in the shadows. He snatches one’s gun and puts it to his head, his last words before he pulls the trigger, “I saw the Errand Boy.

Eleanor is a different person from the one that went on vacation. Not as careful about her personal appearance or cleaning her apartment, she is dreaming of the Errand Boy. It’s affecting her job as well. She believes it’s something physical, a tumor or something, not psychological like the doctor believes.

He wants to help her.

The bodies start piling up, some in the hospital, and the city. A voodoo priestess sees trouble coming. Secret rites, rituals, and sacrifices seem to be happening all over the city.

As I said, not a bad novel. He’s a much better writer now, but this was a good effort.

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