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A novel of the Indian wars featuring a character named Nevada Jones. He legs it into the town of Red Rock just ahead of a large group of Indians. A small town under siege, with walls built around it, there were two hundred people, including fifty women and children and ninety soldiers.

The Captain is an officious man sure of his troop’s superiority against the “savages.” He would come to learn better in the coming days.

Just as he learned Nevada was more than just a Reb.

The book details the defense of the town against overwhelming forces as they await coming reinforcements. A large command being harassed as they headed toward the town.

Nevada meets an Englishman and shares a brief time in a cell with him as they get pushed in for daring to want a drink during a lull in the battle. There they meet an old man who seems awfully anxious to get out of town, even though it’s surrounded by some two thousand Indians.

They learn the reason and make plans if they survive.

Doesn’t seem likely though.

A nice look at one of the author’s early books, not published until now. I like his style, makes for smooth reading that keeps me flipping those metaphorical pages until I hit the end of this tale.


SAVAGE SLAUGHTER goes on sale today.