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182: CO: bugf#ck: The Useless Wit & Wisdom of Harlan Ellison -edited by Arnie Fenner

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184: CR: Target Lancer – Max Allan Collins

185: SC: Plasma Donation: Saving Lives While Getting Paid(ebook) – Michael S. Williams

186: SC: The Miracle Cure: A Closer Look Inside The Cord Blood Stem Cell Industry(ebook) – Michael Williams

187: FA: The Fathomless Abyss: Nirvana Gates(ebook) – J. T. McDermott

188: WE: The Nameless Breed – Will C. Brown

189: WE: Wolf Creek: Bloody Trail(ebook) – Ford Fargo

190: FA: The Last Dragonslayer – Jasper Fforde

191: CR: We Are The Hanged Man(ebook) – Douglas Lindsay

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195: CR: Live By Night – Dennis Lehane