BLOODY TRAIL is the first book in the new book series by the Western Fictioneers, an organization of professional writers devoted to the traditional western. Ford Fargo is the house name of the first shared universe with a western setting. it’s been done for many years in other genres. Each writer has his own main character and can use others with one proviso: no major changes in borrowed characters. Of course, here I’m supposing based on how other shared worlds I’ve read have worked.

Wolf Creek is the town and it’s a town peopled by folks with their own secrets. Some are obvious and keep tensions up. Others are in the usual western mold of people making a new start and forgetting old lives. Against this backdrop Wolf Creek raided by the Danby gang, who cut a swath through town, robbing the bank, killing men, women, and children, not to mention horses to prevent a posse. They’re only partly successful there.

The novel consists of a posse of townsfolk pursuing them, made up of all sorts. Tensions are here as well. How they work out their differences while chasing a common foe is fun to read. Each author’s character takes the focal point in a chapter written by their creator. It all makes a cohesive novel that has me ready for more of Wolf Creek and revealing secrets.

Definitely worth reading. More information on the new series can be found HERE. And can be ordered HERE.