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Growing up, Roy Rogers was one of the cowboy heroes I watched. I liked him better than most of the others. Maybe he was just on more. Long years from that time, my memories aren’t quite clear. I just remember mainly Roy, Dale, and Pat Brady, with his beloved jeep, Nellybelle, on the Roy Rogers show.

So when Evan Lewis on his blog, Davy Crockett's Almanack featured this on a recent Forgotten Books and it was seconded by James Reasoner in the comments, I decided to pick it up. I’d never read any Roy Rogers adventures before. It was a fine western as they had suggested, but unlike anything Roy ever did on screen. The thing about most of the singing cowboy movies and TV was, of course the singing, which Roy didn’t do. But the onscreen stuff usually mixed cowboys on horses, sidearms, and modern day cars(modern for the times of course).

Nevertheless, i liked it evwen though I figured out the identity of the ghost early on. I will likely search out more of them. Four more titles are listed in the back.

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