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At my advanced age, I’ll always prefer paper books to ebooks. But I have embraced this new method of delivery because there is just so much good stuff available in no other format. THE GUNS OF VEDAUWOO is such an example. A short, exciting western, one that I can indulge in the early morning hours, when I rise, reading over coffee.

Edward A. Grainger, otherwise known as David Cranmer, created the Outlaw Marshall, Cash Laramie and his partner Gideon Miles, in a series of short stories that he continues to write. But he also allows other writers into his playground. THE GUNS OF VEDAUWOO is author Wayne D. Dundee’s second trip into the world of Cash Laramie.

Cash is sent into the Vedauwoo region of south-eastern Wyoming in search of a cache of rifles. He’s looking for a half breed named Vilo Creed, a man part of a prison break with the man first reputed to have stolen the rifles, but never having proved so. The man was found dying by the posse, sliced to ribbons by Creed. It was he who gave the clue with his last breath where he’d hidden the guns.

Cash’s boss was afraid, rightly so, that Creed would use the current Ghost Dance among the tribes on reservation to create an uprising. One faction had taken to wearing the Ghost Shirts, reputed to repel the white man’s bullet.

Cash was there in Vedauwoo hoping to catch Creed unawares when he showed up. Unfortunately he was not alone in the mass of rocky outcrops. An outlaw gang, a group of innocents, even someone from Cash’s youth.

Another winner from author Dundee and Beat To A Pulp and available HERE.