1 Return of The Thin Man(ARC) – Dashiell Hammett: two never before published novellas Hammett wrote for the second and third in the Thin Man film series.

2: Snuff Tag 9(ARC) – Jude Hardin: the third Nicholas Colt thriller.

I also have twelve hardcover westerns picked up at a literacy yard sale. The woman that teaches adult education has one every year to rasie money to help. My seventy year old brother-in-law has been taking classes for years nw and my sister and he help out on the sale. I always donate the last year’s William Johnstone books(hate to lose them, but it’s for a good cause) and these were picked up for me by my sister.

I couldn’t always find a good cover image on the ‘net. A few don’t match the books I have and two I couldn’t find at all. My printer/scanner, already in a slow decline, picked this past week to go belly up. May go and look for one this week at Walmart.

3: A Man Called Banker – Terrell L. Bowers

4: Blood of The Breed T. V. Olsen

5: Riders In The Storm – Lee Floren

6: Gold Strike In Hell – Darwin Lambert

7: Riders of The Long Road – Stephen Bransford

8: The Ghost of Windy Ridge – Hal C. Morgan

9: Sing A Song of Six Guns – Burt Arthur

10: Peacemaker Rawhide – Clifford Blair

11: Thunder Gorge – Ben Bridges

12 Vengeance Rides West – A. A. Baker

13: Texas Feud – Roy Wayne no cover image

14:The Raton Rustlers – Roy Wayne no cover image