I almost saw this band live three times. That “almost” will take a bit of explaining.

The first was when they were very young and opening for co-headliners, Sammy Hagar and his band and Ted Nugent. The second time they were on their own tour. The “almost” happened on the third time. And I’m telling on myself here.

I took a young lady to the show. She wanted something to drink while watching and wanted Crown Royal, a pint with that wide upper bottle. I was against it, my boot couldn’t be used to sneak it in, but she said it would be fine in her pocketbook. I knew better. At the show, when the usher told her to open her pocketbook, she barges past. I watched a cop stop her while the usher was looking under my open jacket. By the time I stepped up, He was holding the Crown Royal, asks me if I wanted to pour it out. A trash bag lined trash can sat there just for that purpose.

We got seated and she began complaining about not being able to enjoy the show. That kept up when the opening band, Tesla, started. About two songs in, she demanded we leave. You guys know how it is when you’re interested in a young lady.

Sixty bucks down the drain.

There, I told on myself.