The spam has been quiet for a while, only an odd one occasionally. But today they’ve gone nuts.

Earlier today I cut the computer on and logged into the blog to find 99 spam in the queue. All linked to the same blog post, all with the exact same message word for word. The only difference was the business being advertised. I deleted them off, did a few other things, and found another twenty same as the others.

Later in the day, halftime of the football game, I found 123 just like the morning’s bunch. Same post linked to. I delete them, then kill off a handful more before returning to the game.

After the game, I discover 67. While writing this another six showed up.

They are no problem to delete. Just put the cursor on permanently delete and start clicking. never have to move that cursor, exact same message remember, and fast as I can hit the delete key, they go.

One shudders to think, though, what I might have in the morining, even as early as I awake.

update> I arose at two a.m. to find 216 waiting my spam queue.