1: The Violent Land/The Judas Gun – Wayne D. Overholser: A double helping of Overholser westerns.

2: Political Suicide(ARC) – Michael Palmer: a new thriller featuring Dr. Lou Welcome.

and the ebooks:

3: On Call – Michael Palmer: a short story from Lou Welcome’s early days as a doctor.

4: In The Shadow of Sadd(review copy) – a novel by Steen Langstrup and three other Danish writers.

5: Metro(review copy) – Steen Langstrup: a short story by the Danish author.

6: Wind River, Book Seven: Ransom Valley – James Reasoner & L. J. Washburn: I read the six books in this western series some years back. Glad to see the authors are returning to it.

7: Rancho Diablo: The Hold Up – Colby Jackson: already read and reviewed this latest entry in this favored series. Mel Odom is Jackson this time around.

8: A Dubious Artifact(review copy) – Gerald J. Kubicki; the latest Colton Banyon adventure.

9: Toxicity _ Libby Fischer Hellmann: I’d read and enjoyed a few stories by the author and since this novel was a freebie, how does one resist.

10: Hell & Gone – Henry Brown; one of those post apocalypse novels.

11: 42 Days For Murder – Roger Torrey: Evan Lewis reviewed this one for Forgotten Books and, since it was free, I decided it needed a read.