one of the cover blurbs on SEAL TEAM 666 says it’s like The X-files written by Tom Clancy. I couldn’t say. I don’t read Clancy. What I can say is it’s a crackerjack novel that kept me racing through the pages. The author can write a damn good thriller.

SEAL TEAM 666 has a history that goes back farther the beginnings of our country. A specialized group that’s a bit different from the usual SEAL unit. Always five men and a dog, the animal always named after a President(the one before the formation of America had been named George). Each one with a specialized talent other than SEAL training.

They were set up to deal with demons, possessed humans, mass-murdering cults, whatever evil presented itself to the world.

Petty Officer First class Jack Walker is just four weeks away from completing his training when he’s pulled from the class and learns he’s made the promotion to SEAL. Just without the ceremony. He was neither the best in his class nor the worst. But he has two specialized talents needed immediately. He’s a first class assassin, notable for making two shots from a submarine a mile from a ship, hitting two Somali pirates raping a celebrity with head shots. His other talent was a sensitivity to the supernatural. He’d been possessed by a demon as a child until an exorcism had been performed.

He’s taken straight from the training ground to a plane leaving for a mission> Jack goes through several missions before getting to see their headquarters: the Pit. Trophies of many of their kills lined the walls as well as photos or paintings of every 666 member.

The main plot is an ancient cult wanting a return to power with designs on America.

This one was a lot of fun. the author knows his business as he’s retired U. S. Army intelligence and current intelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Recommended. Due out Next Tuesday, it can be ordered HERE.