No money spent this week. All are sent for review purposes.

1: The Perils of Sherlock Holmes(ARC) – Loren D. Estleman: a collection of short stories and three essays published in different venues over the years. One new piece. Read and liked this one, a review later in the week.

2: Star Wars: Scoundrels(ARC) – Timothy Zahn: set after the very first film, four in the chronology, I’ve started this one.

3: A Killer In The Wind(ARC) – Andrew Klavan: one of those broken cop coming back with killers after him to cover up a big case.

4: Area 51: Nightstalkers(ARC) – Bob Mayer: The Nightstalkers are a team of elite soldiers that confront and shut down Rifts, tears in the fabric of the world and release violent energy beings.

and the ebooks:

5: Curious Anomalies(review copy) – Ryan Sean O’Reilly: a science fiction piece involving a geneticist, a drug dealer, marijuana fields, and gene engineered guards. Read and reviewed on Goodreads.

6: Perdu)review copy) – Raeden Zen: a science fiction/horror piece read and reviewed earlier on the blog.

7: Body Count: The Joe Hannibal Case Files, vol. 1: collection of six stories released to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Joe Hannibal in print.