16171607BODY COUNT celebrates thirty years since Joe Hannibal first appeared in print. Six stories from all across the years from Rockford, Illinois to the move of both author and the character to Ogallala, Nebraska where Hannibal. while keeping his PI license out of habit, now runs a private security service keeping look out over vacation cottages and the odd business or two.

The stories herein:

1: THE FANCY CASE: the first short story long out of print. Hannibal is not fully developed as yet, still a bit on the rough side.

2: DEATH OF AN IRON MAIDEN: a female bodybuilder is killed after she hires him to look into some incidents around her gym and before he can get started.

3: BODY COUNT: a high priced call girl’s client list is now a hit list. Nominated for an Edgar, an Anthony, and a Shamus.

4: APACHE FOG concerns a car accident Hannibal witnesses and the animals(the human kind) released to put him and others in peril.

5: BAD DAY IN THE BADLANDS: a break with his girl friend Abby turns into a battle for survival.

6: THE HARD SIDE OF HEARTBREAK was written for this volume and has Hannibal looking into vandalism of Abby’s husband’s country western band on the verge of their big break.

A fine set of tales that will work well as an introduction to the worlds of Joe Hannibal if one is unfamiliar. A nice introduction by Lynn F. Meyers, Jr., a friend of twenty five years, opens the set.

Well worth checking out. Shortly available in print.