FOREIGNER was a favorite band back in the day. There was always a revolving membership that featured mostly songwriters Mick Jones. lead guitarist, and Lou Gramm, vocalist(what a voice). The pair had a falling out in 1990 and Gramm left the band for a couple of years. Relationship patched up, they continued. then it happened again in 2003 and the split seems permanent. Not heard the new singer, but he can’t be as good.

I managed to see them three times live, twice headlining In Greensboro, NC , once co-headlining with Ted Nugent at an outdoor event in Charlotte with Black Oak Arkansas and Mother’s Finest opening the show. It was about an eight hour event. And a damn good time.

They had some pop hits that really rocked and Gram had that distinctive voice that made a band stand out. Those were the days.