15699618Dr. Lou Welcome is back in a new thriller. Lou works as an emergency room doctor and also assists at the D.C Physicians’ Wellness Office, helping doctors with addictions, whether drug, alcohol, or mental, back on the right path. He’d been through the program himself after a drug addiction nearly cost him his license.

He gets a frantic phone call from Dr. Gary McHugh, a friend and a man he’s assisting in his alcohol problems. Known as the “society doc,” he’d gotten to the point of blackouts during his drinking. Indifferent to attending AA meetings and refusing a sponsor, he now believes he’s about be arrested for murder. Congressman Elias Colston has been found shot to death and McHugh, one, had been having an affair with his wife, and two, was there at the house to see her when she breaks it off, only to find the dead husband. He crashes his car into a bridge about a mile from the house where the police find him.

Lou believes in his friend’s innocence and agrees to help. But as evidence piles up, even Lou’s belief is stretched thin. Still, he soldiers on, his obsessive personality, the one that had caused his own addictions, compelling him.

A discovery in Colston’s home is the first break Lou gets. It also puts him on the radar of some powerful people that make him a target as well. It doesn’t deter him though.

A fine thriller Michael Palmer has delivered, nicely paced action that draws one in, and keeps you turning the pages. All one needs in a good book.


Due on December 11th, it can be pre-ordered HERE. A short story of Lou Welcome’s early days as a doctor can be had HERE. Finally, the first Lou Welcome novel can be found HERE.

All very good reads.