15788984I’d never read any of Lawrence Block’s Keller novels before HIT ME. That will likely change as he’s an interesting man.

He’s a retired hit man, married with a young daughter. He shared a partnership with a friend in a construction company that buys old houses in New Orleans, refurbishes them, and turns them over for a profit. That had done well until the downturn in the economy had made it a failing business.

Oh, Keller had plenty of money salted away in accounts in other countries from his first “business,” but with raising a daughter and his stamp collecting, he was dipping into that more than he wanted. No danger of running out, just not something he liked doing.

So when his handler, a woman known as Dot, calls with a job offer, he decides to take her up on it. His wife knows about his old life and isn’t bothered.

HIT ME is really a series of smaller works tied together with his family and his stamp collecting hobby, which gets as much attention as his jobs for Dot.

Liked this one enough to make me want to find the others and look forward to the next book. HIT ME is due out in February from Mulholland Books.

Recommended and can be pre-ordered HERE.