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danacusI found THE ACCUSED by accident on Munsey’s while looking for something else. It looked interesting and I downloaded it. In doing a bit of research, I found an article by George Kelley on the crime novels of Mr. Daniels. It’s a most interesting little novel and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Small College teacher Alvin Morlock is on trial for the death of his wife, the charge first degree murder.

The story alternates between trial testimony and the back story of what was just revealed at the trial.

We learn how he fist met his wife Louise, a party girl who set out to land the college man, the early days of the marriage that quickly fell apart, the build-up of tensions, the embarrassment landed on Morlock, the death, and the reasons Morlock wasn’t interested in mounting a defense.

An unusual novel structure highlights this tale. it’s worth searching out.

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