Cover_PosthumousMan_front_529wElliot Stilling swallowed a whole bottle of pills, chasing it down with a bottle of liquor. He thought his problems were over and he did indeed die in the emergency room, for three minutes, before he was revived. While struggling during the process, he spies one of the nurses and is entranced, taken by the punky haircut and the star tattoo on the back of her hand.

Her name is Felicia Vogon and when Elliot walks out of the hospital, sneaks actually, she’s the first person he sees and ends up going home with her. She seems attracted to him and he can’t help but wonder why, the loser that he’s become.

He soon finds himself dragged into the middle of a million dollar drug heist. There’s a pair of identical twins, one a cop, the other a mute, and a crazy leader called Stan TheCover_PosthumousMan_back_529w Man. Is that why she wanted him? protection from the trio? Could she really like a man she’d just met?

Elliot is not a brave man, but he finds himself sticking with Felicia and getting into the deal. He harbors a secret that he doesn’t like talking about, likely what drove him to suicide, though he admits to being an ex-preacher, a man who had lost the faith.

Jake Hinkson and Beat to A Pulp have brought us a fast moving novella, full of violence, a compelling story as we learn what actually drives Elliot. It’s available both as a paper book and as an ebook.