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First the ebooks:

1: Reclaiming The Angel’s Share(review copy) – Chris Fitzgerald

2: To See Blue Skies(review copy) – Chris fitzgerald: the first two are English Private eye Brynn Hollister adventures

and the paper books:

3: Scream Cruise(review copy) – Jim DeLorey: set against Detroit’s annual Dream Cruise, a mile long stretch of hot rods, muscle cars, sport and classic automobiles, we get a thriller with a bomber setting off several blasts and demanding millions of dollars to stop. FBI agent McCoy Johnson is out to stop him.

4: The Thief(review copy) – Fuminori Nakamura: the award winning Japanese writer’s first novel published in the English language.

5: The Terrible Chrunadryne – Eleanor Cameron: another children’s novel by the author of the beloved Mushroom Planet series.