Lt. Al Wheeler of the Sheriff’s office is dragged out of his bed to investigate a murder called in by a woman. He gets there and wakes up the woman, Eleanor Dolan, she swearing she10-26-2012 5;22;03 PM hasn’t called any murder in.

But he finds a blond woman dead in the shower stall, shot through the left breast. Dolan recognizes her as the former tenant of the apartment, she herself just moved in two weeks before.

The story seems screwy to Wheeler. Both doors were secured before Dolan went to bed at ten and the shower was the last thing she used before doing so. The only possible way in was through the balcony, the sliding door left unsecured, the apartment being on the fourth floor. Dolan’s story is too dumb not to be true. If guilty, she’d come up with a better story, let alone being in the same apartment with a dead body. But try convincing the sheriff of that.
Wheeler learns from the M.E. that the woman had been dead for at least ten hours which would have placed it before Dolan went to bed.

Nice set-up for a novel that delves into corporate espionage, blackmail, more murders, and a suicide or two.

And a cop that becomes a suspect himself.

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