1: The First Mountain Man: Preacher’s Massacre – William W. Johnstone: the latest adventure. Preacher gets dragged unwillingly into a romantic triangle when he helps some pilgrims driving a herd of horses to a distant trading post and the Blackfoot, led by a chief that hates the white man named Red Knife, attack them. He ends up at the post with all surrounded by hundreds of the Blackfoot.

and the ebooks:

2: Holt County Law – Richard Prosch: a Whit Branham novella already read and reported on. Fine entry.

3: Captain Future and The Space Emperor – Edmond Hamilton

4: Calling Capt. Future – Edmond Hamilton: the first two adventures. I have some paperbacks from the seventies reprinting these, but I don’t believe they did they whole series. At least I never had all of them if they did.