Ransom ValleyI read the first six books in the Wind River series some years back, but it wasn’t hard to slip back into the story in this new edition.

Wind River had been quiet for a bit now. The town council was making noise about letting Marshal Cole Tyler’s deputy, Billy Casebolt, go. He hardly worked for more than room or board, but some felt even that wasn’t necessary.

Until the gang assaulted the town, hit the bank, a few stores, and took the bank’s owner, the young Brenda Durand, hostage as they rode out of town. They left Casebolt seriously wounded, several dead, and others wounded.

One captured outlaw revealed the valley they were headed toward. Cole gets a posse up and sends for rancher Kermit Sawyer and his cowpokes who’d had more experience fighting outlaws than the townspeople.

The valley they were held up in had only one way in and sharpshooters commended the heights. The ransom demanded was $50,000 dollars.

Cole comes up with a desperate plan to rescue Miss Durand that involved partnering with a lovesick cowpoke who wanted to charge in to rescue the object of his affections, though he knew it was likely to be his death. And maybe hers.

A fine new western from James Reasoner and his wife, Livia Washburn, available HERE.