1: Oz Reimagined: New Tales From The Emerald City and Beyond(ARC) – edited by John Joseph Adams and Douglas Cohen: I’m usually leary when I see thw orde reimagined attached to something I like. This one, though, with the authors involved may have a chance. Due at the end of the month.

2: Frozen Solid(ARC) – James M. Tabor: The author has become a favorite thriller author with just two novels. Here, heroine Hallie Leland finds herself at the bottome of the world in Antarctica trapped with a murderer, identity unknown, when she finds evidence on a camera hidden in the ceiling of her room, the previous victim’s room, that the death by accidental overdose was a murder. Unfortunately she can’t make out a face. Already read, a great read. Due out on March 26th.

3: The Afrika Reich(ARC) – Guy Saville: one of those alternate history novels in which Germany won the war and maintains a tenuous relationship with great Britain as the two countries have split Africa. Due this month.

and the ebooks:

4: The Destroyer: The End of The World – Warren Murphy: Remo and Chiun are up against a Mayan God determined to fulfill the end of the world prophecy.

5: Cold Steel- Ben Bridges: a western by the British author. Just getting into this man’s work.

6: The Dead Man: Colder Than Hell – Anthony Neil Smith: a favorite author, a favorite series. Already read and rated.

7: We Only Need The Heads – John Scalzi: the latest installment in his new novel, THE HUMAN DIVISION.

8 & 9: Keller’s Adjustment & Keller On The Spot – Lawrence Block: Two shorts of the author’s hit man hero.