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15818164Authors James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell have joined forces to create a thriller infused with the unrelenting action he’s known for and the horror that’s her base. Rollins is a long time favorite and Cantrell is new to me. But based on THE BLOOD GOSPEL, she looks to become another writer I don’t miss.

The Blood Gospel of the title is the prize in the first book of The Order of The Sanguine series. The Sanguinists are a sect of Catholic priests that are a bit different. They are vampires, called the Strigoi, in the service of God, giving up human blood to survive on wine that is consecrated to be the blood of Jesus. They are immortal, but can die with silver. Because of their consumption of the blood of Christ, they can come out in the daylight, though it pains them, the reason priests are heavily garbed and hooded.

The Blood Gospel has been hidden for a couple of thousand years. The prophecies say it is a gospel written by Christ, explaining how he suddenly began performing miracles. And it is written in his own blood.

An earthquake in Masada opens a hidden tomb and kills hundreds of people. Dr. Erin Granger, a prominent archaeologist is pulled from a dig to look into it. On hand are both Israeli troops and American, led by Sergeant Jordan Stone, a military forensic expert. There’s also a priest along, Father Rhun Korza, who’s more than he seems.

The trio end up a world wide hunt for the Blood Gospel. Whispers say they are the answer to an ancient prophecy: That a Woman of Learning, a Warrior of Man, and a Knight of Christ will come together, find the book, and figure out how to open it.

There’s also another group hunting the book. The Baliel, a group of Strigoi and humans that want it for their own purposes.

Whoever finds the Blood Gospel will change the world.

A wonderful mix of horror, vampires, grimwolves(vampire wolves), and real vampire bats.

Loved every bit of it and await the next volume. I think three are planned.

THE BLOOD GOSPEL can be ordered here and a short story, CITY OF SCREAMS, which introduces Sergeant Jordan Stone and his forensics team is here.