Written by two Brooklyn-born cousins, Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington Lee, the stories were an instant hit and adapted into radio, television, film, comics, and games.

We have created an original mini-documentary about the crime-writing duo, featuring Dannay and Lee’s sons and Otto Penzler. The video can be viewed on our site here and on YouTube here. We hope you enjoy it!

Open Road Media and MysteriousPress.com are pleased to announce the release of twelve of these important titles, including The Chinese Orange Mystery (1934), The American Gun Mystery (1933), and The Adventures of Ellery Queen (1940). Other novels include:

· The Dutch Shoe Mystery

· The Egyptian Cross Mystery

· The Siamese Twin Mystery

· The French Power Mystery

· The Greek Coffin Mystery

· The Spanish Cape Mystery

· Cat of Many Tails

· Ten Days’ Wonder

· And on the Eighth Day

I would be delighted if you shared the news on your site or through your social networks. If you are new to Ellery Queen, or interested in re-reading and reviewing one of these classic stories, I would be happy to share a digital copy of The Chinese Orange Mystery. The complete list of titles can be found on Ellery Queen’s page here.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you luck on cracking the case!