220px-Go_Kill_Everybody_and_Come_Back_AloneAs I watched KILL THEM ALL AND COME BACK ALONE(alt. title, Go Kill Everybody and Come Back Alone). I was struck by the notion that it was a low budget Dirty Dozen. I was amused when I read the Spaghetti Western Database review and they mentioned the same thing. That film had come out the year before and they said, “Considering the low budgets on these Italian epics, The Dirty Half Dozen would have been an appropriate title.

Chuck Connors is the star here, a Confederate spy charged with gathering a crew for a special mission. At the beginning of the film, he demonstrates their capabilities by infiltrating a fort and taking the General hostage, to the man’s delight and the disgust of a Captain Lynch(Frank Wolff), the man in charge of security.

Connors is Clyde Mac Kay and the five men he’s selected all have their own capabilities: Deker(Leo Anchoriz) is an explosive expert, Bogard(Hercules Cortes) is a strong man, The $(KGrHqFHJEoE+WM2Vr9)BQVEeJ7,!!~~60_35Kid(Alberto Dell’Acqua), the man with the baby face but is a stone cold killer, Blade(Giovanni Cianfriglia, billed as Ken Wood), half Indian, half Mexican, and deadly with any kind of knife, and Hoagy(Franco Citti), good with a gun, but especially good with a weight on the end of a thin rope with which he dispenses with deadly accuracy.

Their mission is to infiltrate a Union fort that has a million dollars in gold coins stored in the powder magazine awaiting pick-up. Here’s the rub. The rolls of coins are disguised as sticks of dynamite and mixed, two to one, with the real thing. One wrong bullet and the whole thing goes up.

Mac Kay’s last instruction from the general and Lynch is, once the gold is secured, to kill them all and come back alone.

This film is long on action and almost non-existent on any kind of character development. No one trusts anyone else, everyone wants all the gold, no splitting, and it boils down 4f0010b2coverwebto who’s the smartest, toughest. Not a bad film nevertheless, one of those popcorn kind of things where one just parks his brain and enjoys the flow of action and killing. The director is Italian Enzo G. Castellari, he also had a hand in the screenplay, well known for his action pieces.

Chuck Connors and Frank Wolff are the only real actors in the film. The others were stuntmen, well needed for the action. A lot of acrobatic stunts, jumping around and off buildings, repelling down a long rope in one instant, flips when explosions go off, that sort of stuff.

Really liked this one.


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