Fast Track - Lee GoldbergAuthor Lee Goldberg pens a fast-paced story from a film he wrote and directed a few years ago. It’s street racing much more evolved than the sort of stuff we did in my younger days. High speed cars, large bets, and the sort of action that plays well on screen or in the story here.

Four young people come together in this novella, all have a hunger for speed, among other things.

Katie Reed is a young woman who builds cars. She works out of a garage her father started and works hard to keep it open. Alone now, both parents gone, her brother killed in a racing accident a couple of years before, she also builds her own race cars. The driver is Eric, who races in secret because his day job is a cop. Mike is a pizza delivery guy, but has a past. He can drive as well, but has trouble convincing Katie. And finally, Nicole is a bored young rich woman who wants to get into this sort of racing.

Author Goldberg kept me reading right along and I finished this one over coffee in the early morning hours.

This and other of Lee’s books can be found here.

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