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1: The Intruder – Charles Beaumont: the novel of racism made into a film directed by Roger Corman and starring William Shatner as the racist. That should be an interesting watch, yea, but only after reading the book first.

2: Specimen Song _ Peter Bowen: the second novel in the Gabriel Du Pre series about the part Metis Montana lawman.

and the ebooks:

3: Tales From The Clarke – John Scalzi: the latest chapter in Mr. Scalzi’s serial novel set in his Old Man’s War Universe.

4: Everville: the First Pillar(review copy) – Roy Huff: the young adult fantasy, a first novel. Decent effort short enough to hold my attention to the end. Not one of those door stop reads I lose interest in.

5: Long Claws(review copy) – Steve Peek: a novel of horror. Beings with superhuman speed, strength, and senses cross dimensions into our world, a world filled with slow, defenseless prey.

6: Gunsmoke Legend – Ben Bridges: a western from the British author.