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I finally caught the new Bond film, SKYFALL, on Timewarner’s OnDemand channel this past weekend. Not really an overlooked film, I do think too many folks dismiss Daniel Craig’s imagesportrayal of 007 because of the blond hair and the rough edge he brings to the character. I like all that, much closer in my mind to Ian Fleming’s version, the authentic one of course. Never really warmed to Pierce Brosnan or Roger Moore myself.

In this one, Bond is investigating a missing list of agents and who’s behind it. Also a threat to M’s life.

I think this one is the best of the three Bonds Craig has done, though I liked Casino Royale pretty much, and didn’t hate Quantum of Solace as much as some. it has all the requisite cinematic action necessary for films these days and brings back some nice touches to the long running film franchise. The young woman so helpful early in the film who wants back out in the field, but decides not after advice from Bond turns out to be a familiar name. Q is back, though a new young and modern version, and things seem alright in Bond land.

I’ve heard this is Craig’s last Bond film. Hope not, but please find a good actor to take over the role if so. Not a young whippersnapper please.

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