cover_Hardboiled2_533wAnother fine collection from the guys at Beat To A Pulp. David Cranmer and Scott D. Parker have gathered together a mix of old and new stories, crime, P.I., western, and even a science fiction piece. One thing they all have in common are interesting, well written tales that grab one’s attention.

Terrific writers here: Kieran Shea, Wayne D. Dundee, pulp writer Paul S. Powers, Jedidiah Ayres, Eric Beetner, Matthew C. Funk, Tom Roberts, Edward A. Grainger, BV Lawson, Jay Stringer, Jen Conley, Charles Boeckman(a story from the early fifties), and Robert J. Randisi.

Well known characters appearing in stories: Joe Hannibal(set while he still lived in Rockford, Illinois), Cash Laramie(an older Cash). and Nick Delvicchio.

Nice set of tales I read in two sittings over coffee. Love these early morning reads.

This one can be found HERE. For a short time, the first book in this series is offered free HERE. Do yourself a favor and pick up both.