6a00d8341c3f8153ef017c367f79f4970b-320wiJeff Mariotte’s new novel concerns the effects of climate change on nature and the resulting clash between wolves and humans.

Alex Converse has come to Silver Gap, Colorado to shoot a documentary on global warming and what it’s doing to the planet. Partly, it’s to soothe his conscious. He’s quite wealthy, the money coming from his families coal mines, though they no longer control it. he just gets the checks. He also has dreams that haunt him, an incident in his past, that also fuel him.

In seeking a guide to take him into the mountains, Alex is directed to a young woman named Robbie Driscoll and feels an instant attraction.

At the same time, wolves are apparently attacking humans, an unusual circumstance, especially since there’s not supposed to be any wolves left in Colorado.

Finally, wolves aren’t the only predators at large in the small mountain town. Women are starting to disappear and there is never any blood where they were last seen.

A fine novel by Jeff that addresses concerns, not an overtly in your face kind of attitude, that most of us realize is happening. As always, his prose is sharp and readable. I knocked this one out in two chunks and had a fine time doing so.

On his blog, Jeff poats about an early genesis as a comic book proposal and some accompanying artwork. Interesting look at a WIP and how things change over time.

Highly recommended. Can be found HERE.