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Rivers of Gold

1: The Boyfriend(ARC) – Thomas Perry: Retired homicide cop, now P.I., Jack Till is asked to investigate the murder of a young woman by her parents.

2: The Night Ranger(ARC) – Alex Berenson: four young college graduates in Kenya on a mission to help refugees in a Somali camp are kidnapped. John Wells goes looking for them as a personal favor to an old friend and learns more is going on the thought. Things get tense as American troops are poised to invade.

3: Season of The Wolf – Jeffrey J. Mariotte: a thriller with man vs wolf in a small Colorado mountain town. Unknown, there’s another type of [predator working the area as well.

4: The Brother O’Brien: A Time to Slaughter – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: fourth in the series as Shawn O’Brien goes off to rescue the school teacher from white slavers.

and the ebooks:

5: The Human Division: The Dog King – John Scalzi: the latest chapter in the new Old Man’s War novel.

6: That Will Do Nicely(review copy) – Ian Wallace Campbell; the first ebook edition of the author’s thriller. A con job nicely chronicled.

7: Murder and Other Distractions – Michael Estrin: a collection of short stories.

8: Last Orders – Tony Black: a Gus Drury story.

9: Rivers of Gold – James Reasoner & L. J. Washburn: one of their older novels coming to ebook.

10: Shattered Lens – Linda Pendleton: first book in the Catherine Winter, P.I., series.

11: London Twist – Barry Eisler: a Delilah novella.

12: Regret – Dan Dawkins: a freebie cadged from a Facebook Listing.

13: Matt Helm: The War Years – Keith Wease: authorized by Donald Hamilton’s son, this tells the story of how Matt was recruited into the organization during WWII by Mac and his early training and missions. Working on this one and the author seems to have captured Hamilton’s voice, and character, nicely. Now if we could just get hamilton’s last, unpublished Helm. Hint, hint.