71Izfsjxa0L._SL1500_Author Steve Peek has created a world that embraces many legends, werewolves, vampires, the like, as beings of an alternate dimension. Gates allow them passage to our world. Ancient humans had learned ways to shut those doors down, building such as Stonehenge, the Indian mounds of the Americas, and other such structures around the world. But as humans spread and built, those impediments were destroyed, weakening those lines connected worldwide, making access to our world easier.

And a pack of Longclaws have found a way to cross over into our world. In their own dimension, they were far down the food chain. In our world, they are incredibly fast with claws protruding from hands made for slashing, cutting up their prey. They sense the prey here is slow and weak and very plentiful.

In northern Alabama forests, cut off by a collapsed bridge and rivers swollen by the torrential rains, there will be a battle between the clan of longclaws and two families, the Masons, from a long line that watched the mounds for just such an event, and an old Indian woman and her granddaughter.

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