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Technically, BAD DAY AT PASCO SPRINGS is not a forgotten book. It’s part of the Western Fictioneers’ program to bring back older westerns in ebook format. James Reasoner speaks of 2-25-2013 4;38;41 PMit HERE. He reviews it nicely there.

Ex-lawman Tom Mallory rode to Pasco Springs to check out the ranch he won in a poker game. He didn’t know he was running into a mess.

Even before arriving, he comes upon an ambush, a man wounded and pinned down under his dead horse, two men firing on him. When he takes a hand, they turn on him and he’s in a bad way until a third unknown party helps him out, driving the ambushers off. Then simply disappears. The man under the horse proves to be a lawman and is still alive.

Mallory makes his living these days as a gambler, having left the law business after his wife had been killed in an attempt on his life.

In Pasco Springs, he gets the law to the doctor where he later dies of his wounds. He runs into a mess as, first, he’s accused of shooting the lawman, shots are taken at him, the ranch he won suddenly has an inflated debt, and a powerful rancher wants to buy it off him.

For a supposedly bare bones operation, someone seems awfully anxious to get their hands on the ranch. Mallory soon takes up the Sheriff’s job to find out exactly what’s going on.

A couple of nice twists along the way highlight this excellent western/mystery. It can be found here.

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