91+75iVqR1L._SL1500_Guy Saville has created a thriller that is in the genre of alternate worlds. Here, Germany and Britain forged an alliance in 1942(the U.S. never entered the war) and ended up dividing the African continent. Germany exports all Jewish folk to one country and has set about exterminating blacks in their half.

The book is set ten years later in 1952.

Burton Cole is a retired mercenary living on a farm and planning a future with his lady. As soon as she’s free of her husband. It took most of what he had to buy the farm in England(with a small loan from an aunt) and the furniture came with it. Old, mildewed, the walls in bad shape, Burton nevertheless turns down the offer from the businessman, Ackerman.

Ackerman worked for a diamond mining operation and needed an assassin to take out a German officer that wanted more than his twenty percent. He wanted it all. Cole was offered a fortune in diamonds and turned it down.

Until Ackerman mentioned the officer.

Walter Hochman, a man who Burton hated with a passion, a man he thought had died in the fire, a man who knew what had happened to his mother.

THE AFRIKA REICH is a novel of a mission gone bad, Burton and his team fleeing across Africa, pursued by a madman. You see, Hochman had thought Cole had died in the fire also and now, knowing he was alive, his hatred is revived.

Two men who hated each other and wanted to kill the other. Two men who hadn’t seen each other since Cole was a boy.

Well plotted, the action keeps moving as the pair, or their surrogates, clash across the African continent. And Cole and his old traine are trying to figure, while escaping, what went wrong and if they were set-up.

Author Saville mentions in the afterword that, though a work of fiction, it did incorporate plans Germany had for Africa. As usual in fiction, he allows that he made a few changes for dramatic purposes.

This was a good one and can be found HERE.