582165Not really a forgotten book, at least among the crowd who inhabit our part of the internet neighborhood, BLONDE LIGHTNING is the sequel to EARTHQUAKE WEATHER. I’ve also posted on another Lankford work, ANGRY MOON, for forgotten books.

Mark Hayes finds himself virtually out of the movie biz after the murder of his boss and the death of his girl friend(from EARTHQUAKE WEATHER) and takes a job from his old friend Clyde McCoy working on a direct-to-video low budget thriller.

BLONDE LIGHTNING is the script and they’ve lined up an action star and a hot newcomer for the leads and, though the budget is extremely low(Mark has put most of his last funds into it himself), everybody worjs hard to pull it off.91olUww5GZL._SL1500_

Things start to happen though. Clyde’s girl friend has a loudmouth claiming to be her manager and wants his half of her cut. A technician on the film is nearly electrocuted, the three of them are nearly killed in a suspicious car accident, threats come from the “manager” by phone to nearly everybody involved.

Mark keeps getting deeper into a morass of violence such that he wonder if he can ever get out.

Author Terrill Lankford knows the movie business and weaves a good thriller here, giving us an insight into the decidedly vicious world of movie making where the next knife in one’s back could come from the fellow next to you.

Recommended. BLONDE LIGHTNING has just been released as an ebook HERE. I do like that cover above.

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