17213263I’m always leery when I see the word reimagined attached to something I like. So it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I took book in hand to read. I’ve read all of Baum’s Oz books, a number by his successor, Ruth Plumly Thompson(who actually ended up writing more than Baum). and a few by other writers over the years.

Though these are distinctly different from most of the Oz titles, I’m happy to say I was pleased with OZ REIMAGINED: NEW TALES FROM THE EMERALD CITY AND BEYOND. A number of different writers take a crack at the legends, elaborating and expanding on them, adult takes on some of the characters, as well as a few original ones thrown into the mix.

Writers involved include Tad Williams(who weaves one around his own Otherland series), Orson Scott Card, Jonathan Maberry, Simon R. Green, David Farland,Jane Yolen, and Jeffrey Ford. These authors I was familiar with and their were others new to me. All good though.

The book was edited by John Joseph Adams and Douglas Cohen with a forward by Gregory Maguire, author of his own Oz-inspired series, WICKED. They all tell you right up front that these stories are not for the very young(young adult and up is best).

I enjoyed these and highly recommend the book. It can be ordered HERE.