1: Stepwater: an Arbiter Tale – L. Warren Douglas: a recommendation from George Kelley. A good sign.

2: Vendetta In Venice – Peter Leslie: I bought this one out of curiosity. it’s another novel Leslie recycled from his five Man From U.N.C.L.E. books. I found two twenty five years ago and it caused me to stop reading the Gold Eagle version of Mack Bolan.

and the ebooks:

3: The Human Division: The Observers – John Scalzi: the latest weekly chapter of his new Old Man’s War novel.

4: The Texas Capitol Murders – Bill Crider: first ebook publication of one of Bill’s older novels.

5: The Drifter Detective(review copy) – Garnett Elliott: the latest from Beat To A Pulp. Jack Laramie, the grandson of Cash Laramie, a veteran of WWII, wanders Texas as a private eye looking for work.

6: Adeline(review copy) – Wayne D. Dundee: an excellent western story, slightly different from the usual. Really liked this one.

7: Blade of The Tiger: a Joe Hannibal novel(review copy) – Wane D. Dundee: the latest Joe Hannibal. Can’t wait until I can find the time to slip this one in.

8: Quick Hands(review copy) – Wayne d. Dundee: a great combination fight story/western. Loved this one.

9: The Geneva Decision(review copy) – Seeley James: the first in a new series. A Pis Sabel thriller.