Cover_TheDrifterDetectiveJack Laramie, grandson of the famous lawman Cash Laramie is a private detective roaming Texas looking for jobs in the post WWII era. He drives a DeSoto with his home, a horse trailer, on a hitch.

He makes a stop in the small town of Clyde as his car is on the verge of dying. Needing work to fix it and eat, he takes a job from the local sheriff watching an oilman supposedly running liquor to Indians on the reservation.

But he grows suspicious quick. Why would an oilman need to run liquor? Where did a small town sheriff get the kind of money he was paying?

I kind of like the idea of a door-to-door private eye. So to speak. I also liked the nod to Robert E. Howard at the beginning of the story. The start of a fine new series that promises to be an interesting one. The guys with Beat To A Pulp are giving us great stuff again and again.

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