Joe Hannibal is not your typical private eye. He runs a security outfit in and around No Name Bay on Lake McConaughy in Nebraska. He kept his P.I. license after moving from 17618496northern Illinois to be near his lady Abby Bridger and her son Dusty in order to validate his business. While he didn’t seek out cases, he was known to get involved occasionally.

The only reason he took the case Mary White asked was at the insistence of Dusty. Mary had rented one of the cabins to get ‘away’ for a while. From what she didn’t say and never shined to anybody but young Dusty. Long walks along the lake, ignoring overtures from young males(she was a very hot blonde), and talking to Dusty, who of course had a big crush on her.

Mary came to him asking for a sort of bodyguard job for a meeting with someone she was obviously worried about. Joe accepted the job whenever she got it set up, but never got a chance.

Mary was found dead in her cabin, obviously beaten, and her neck broken, apparently from hitting a desk as she fell. The cabin and her car had obviously been searched, everything torn up. Whatever was being sought hadn’t been found.

Dusty begged him to find Mary’s killer, one reason he agreed. The other was he just didn’t like anyone being killed o his watch.

Author Wayne Dundee has delivered a new Joe Hannibal novel with his usual style and panache. His P.I. is not in the big city, doesn’t wear a suit, is just a regular guy. He has a sidekick, William Thunderbringer, part Cherokee, whose day job is as a fugitive recovery specialist, i.e. bounty hunter, who helps occasionally.

The MacGuffin here is a valuable knife reputed to have been the one Jim Bowie had in hand when he died at the Alamo massacre, the weapon accompanied by a diary saying a young Mexican soldier had taken it and kept it in the family for a hundred years before it turned up. A very valuable historical artifact if real.

The whos and whys are revealed as Hannibal keeps poking around, stirring the hornets’ nest waiting for something to pop loose. Quite enjoyed this latest Joe Hannibal mystery. Find it HERE.