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Copp-for-HireI became a fan of Don Pendleton when I picked up that first Executioner novel, War Against The Mafia, in 1969 and followed the series up until the character became an unofficial agent for the government in their war against terrorists. Well a bit beyond, but that’s another story. It wasn’t until a few years later that I learned I’d read a book or two of his before that under the pseudonym of Dan Britain. COPP FOR HIRE came along in 1987 and I remember reading a couple of them as well.

Joe Copp, ex-cop, now P.I., is asked by a frightened young woman, a stripper by profession, for help with a stalker type. A cop that follows her everywhere. He agrees to meet her at her club later that evening for a look see.

Five minutes after she leaves he hears a car accelerating, a crunch, and finds the broken body of he young woman lying in the street.

The opening salvo that finds Copp visiting the club to find what’s going on. A few bouncers out of the way and a gay bartender gets him an address. Another body, the roommate of6048881312_af20de6ef9_z the first girl, tortured before death. Everywhere Joe goes, bodies get left behind. Not his doing, but people he’s questioned.

A stripper, another, a bartender, a cop. Joe has an idea who, but no proof. Two attempts are made on his life.

The trail eventually leads him to Hawaii and a sadistic pervert. And Joe Copp’s unique way of dealing with his problem.

Enjoyed this one by the creator of Mack Bolan, The Executioner.

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