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Pia Sabel runs Sabel Security for her billionaire adopted father, Alan. Just months before she was a star on the American soccer team, playing in both the World Cup and the Olympics.16278329 At twenty-five, she was pressured to retire and take over the company. Her father wanted her to be a desk jockey and run the business, schmoozing clients.

Pia had other ideas.

Which didn’t set well with the employees. Nepotism and an inexperienced leader had them resigning in droves. Changes she instituted weren’t helping either. Their weapons were loaded with sleep darts. Real bullets were only a last resort.

Her first day on the job and her client is murdered. It doesn’t matter that she personally took down the shooter. She feels guilt despite her lack of training. When the killer manages to escape and a string of bankers die soon after, Pia finds herself racing to figure out a scheme that has piracy, money-laundering, and death on two continents.

I liked this character, though her hard-headed attitude makes things harder for, having to earn respect from her people, catch the bad guys, and keep her father’s company from going under. A definite work-in-progress.

Seeley James has a writing style that makes for easy reading, keeping the plot moving and the action flowing to the finale.

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