15798086James M. Tabor in just two novels has become one of my favorite thriller writers. Hallie Leland is back in FROZEN SOLID, this time on the continent of Antarctica instead of a two mile deep cave in Mexico. An emergency replacement for an old friend that had died from an accidental overdose of heroin, she had only a few days to get the job done before winterover, that eight month period where nothing gets in or out of the base.

She gets her old friend’s room and doesn’t take long to find the camera hidden in the ceiling. Watching the memory card, it confirms suspicions she already had. That her friend was murdered by a man, who’s face she never sees on camera, and made to look like an accident.

So she’s stuck in a small base with a murderer, she has to retrieve an extremophile, an organism able to live in extreme conditions, from a deep water lake found under a mile of ice, and figure out the murderer’s identity. All without the man she seeks getting the wiser.

Then in short order she witnesses three women die very quickly abnd comes under suspicion of bringing in something deadly from the outside.

A fine thriller that keeps the action constant, the suspicions tense, and the danger to Hallie always up front.

Wonderfully done. Find it HERE.