17563978I first became aware of Lee Marvin when my family got their first TV set during the run of his series M SQUAD. I was eight or nine and didn’t know from movies. I likely saw him in a movie or two during that period, but they didn’t stick. It was after those years when I began to be aware of the movie star Lee Marvin.

He stood out in anything he did in those years whether he was the big star of the picture or third or fourth lead.

LEE is a collection of short stories celebrating the actor all through his life from injuries during WWII to his death and everything in between. These stories are fiction, but all are based around real events in the actor’s life. Some fine writers and great stories. The collection opens with a fine introduction by Mike White and I knocked it out in two chunks. Here is the list of titles and contributers.

1944: Hospital Ship – Adrian McKinty

1954: Out On The 101 – Jake Hinson

1959: An Evening At Droopy’s – Scott Philips

1961: The Man Who Shot The Duke – Heath Lowrance

1963: Trust – James Hopwood

1964: A Sort of Intellectual – Jenna Bass

1966: Just Swell – Cameron Ashley

Interlude: Another Day In The Sun – Erik Lundy

1967: The Gun Hunter – Eric Beetner

1968: The Wandrin’ Star -Ray Banks

1968: Gone Fishing – Andrew Nette

1972: Down Mexico Way -Luke Preston

1973: North of The Emperor – Nigel Bird

1976: The Wild Coast: Roger Smith

1980: The Big Red One – Johnny Shaw

1986: And The Gunslinger Followed -Ryan K. Lindsay

1987: Epilogue:-Lee Marvin Is Dead – Jimmy Calloway

A fine set of stories and available here from THE CRIME FACTORY. Or HERE.