91An18Xt91L._SL1500_Patti Abbot’s first novel. Something all us fans have been waiting for since she first began publishing her most excellent short stories.

It’s a story of a family played out over fifty years, from the early sixties to today, in a series of short stories linked together much more than the term fix-up implies. Each depends on the previous to advance the story begun with Billie Slack and her efforts to find her father, her “marriage” to Dennis to her son and his family in modern times. A family broken and trying to fix itself all along the way.

The work bears Patti’s style of storytelling and easy readability to make for a fine look at what can happen to a family making decisions, some good, some bad, and how it comes out in the end.

Loved this book and recommend it highly. Published by SNUBNOSE PRESS, it can be had HERE.