13741856THE C-BAR STORY is not an old book(March, 2012), but one that deserves a bit more attention. The author used a unique way to promote his novel by attaching a trailer to the beginning of a spaghetti western(check the video below for it, if not the whole movie; it’s kind of funny). It’s where I first learned of the book, so it works.

It’s the story of Dockie Barnett and his horse, Aw Shit, an imposing man who, though not especially big, commands attention wherever he goes. He’s unfailingly polite to women, children, and animals and expects the same from everyone else. He never backs up from trouble, a character trait that has caused broken bones, bruises, and hurt feelings. He enters a room and it gets quiet. When two young men were fighting in the street, in front of women, Dockie strides up and says one word. “Stop!” He then takes them into the saloon for a drink and a lecture. The only type of person he has no patience for is politicians and the only people who takes nothing from him are his wife, Marsha Jean, and his oldest daughter, Brandy Lynn. He’s been seen put to the boots by both. And he may be afraid of his youngest daughter, twenty year old Jessie Lynn, blonde, beautiful, and the best hand on the ranch. She can rope, ride, and shoot with the best of them. She can also cuss like a sailor. And then there’s the middle child, Dockie’s son, a cheerful, well liked young man by everyone who likes to drink and get into a bit of trouble. His mother always gets him from jail, a fate worse for the boy than staying in jail.

The narrator of our story is the nephew of Marsha Jean and gets most of his information about Dockie from her. Like most westerners, he doesn’t like to talk about his past and considers it rude for anyone to ask.

This is the story of Dockie Barnett, a young man raised by a Mexican family after found in an Apache village, with only the name Blanco Nino, how he gets his name, and how he gets to be the man he is. Worth a look HERE or HERE. There’s s second video at the author’s link that gives a little more background to the story, as well as one showing him on his day job, as a member of the Arizona Trail Guide Service.

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