e47e658d4c25022b9e7d9c542461ad0bThis film had a number of different titles in English speaking countries; DJANGO AND SARTANA ARE COMING…IT’S THE END, FINAL CONFLICT…DJANGO AGAINST SARTANA, all U.S., and SARTANA IF YOUR LEFT ARM OFFENDS, CUT IT OFF in the U.K. Whatever the title, it seems to be mostly reviled as a spaghetti western. Though not by everyone(myself included). Produced and directed, as well as the screenplay, by Demofilo Fidani(billed as Jack Spitfire for directorial duties which perhaps should tell you something), it seems mostly a slapdash put together movie with every western convention he could squeeze in. One reviewer on IMDb compared him to Ed Wood.

Jack Betts(billed as Hunt Powers) plays Django. He actually played the role three times, one more than the original, and best, Franco Nero. Here’s a bit of trivia. Betts was themovieposter great, great, grandnephew of President Millard Fillmore. Django is a feared bounty hunter.

Sartana is played by Victoriano Gazzara(billed as Chet Davis). The original Sartana was Gianni Garko in four films, the fifth George Hilton took the role. He’s established as a protector of the people, a saintly character.

The plot, thin as it is, is the rescue of a rancher’s daughter from the outlaw gang of Burt Kelly, Black Burt. Gordon Mitchell does the role of the completely insane outlaw with every bit of haminess he can evoke. Burt talks to himself, argues with himself, plays poker with himself, all while staring into a full length mirror.

200px-Locandina_-_por_um_punhado_de_euros_-_Arrivano_Django_e_Sartana..._è_la_fineThe rancher’s daughter is Jessica Brewster(Simonetta Vitteli, billed as Simone Blondell). I don’t think she had any dialogue after her capture, mostly just stood there watching the action evolve around her.

Burt’s gang had hijacked a large payroll. The idea of the hostage was to cover themselves while they made a run for the Mexican border. If anyone tried to stop them, she would be killed. If not, she would be released at he border. The thing is, the gang never left their hideout, staying there til the bitter end when Django and Sartana had made their way there.

The outlaws are pretty stupid as well. Sent by Burt, in two groups, to take out Django and Sartana, they don’t do what they should when they get them in compromising situations.5 Four catch Sartana in a stable, guns pointed at him, his still in it’s holster. What do they do? Holster them so they can have some fun. Sartana proceeds to leave then in battered plies in the straw. Django is beaten senseless in a saloon and they take him upstairs to tie him up in a room while a pair dally with a couple of prostitutes. They cut Django loose and he dispatches them, with the help of one who expertly throws a big knife into one outlaw’s chest.

locandina_-_por_um_punhado_de_euros_-_arrivano_django_e_sartana-_e_la_fine_2Our two heroes each take a turn saving the other from a mess, only to ride off without saying a word. There never is a showdown between the two men. In the final battle with Burt and his gang, they separately arrive and go about dispatching the gang one at a time. One amusing bit I caught Each one killed the same man in the finale. Well, it was two men dressed exactly the same anyway. I never caught his face.

There’s a lot of filler in the movie. We get lots of riding scenes. A line of horsemen riding along a ridge, a line riding through a valley, each hero doing the same thing, two groups of riders meeting twice, as in four separate groups. The outlaws had the habit of wearing kerchiefs across their nose and mouths at the oddest moments when there was no need to conceal identities.

It may sound like I didn’t like this movie. I di. I love these spaghettis, my guilty pleasure that I make no apologies for. I can’t get enough of them, even the bad ones.

Check out the trailer below.